Beatles International
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Upcoming Fairs 2017

date where
7 October
The Netherlands - Roosendaal - Tongerloplein
14 October in Belgium - Mons, 30th Beatles Day
29 October The Netherlands Leiden (new venue) Beat-Meet 
11-12 November  The Netherlands - Utrecht Jaarbeurs big Record Fair

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A tour in London with a brand new guiding system: Here's the world's first
New iPhone® app follows in the footsteps of The Beatles, updated with added Hendrix!

The first guided tour app of Beatles locations is released on the App store for the Apple iPhone® this month. Fully digital and downloadable, it celebrates the 40th anniversary this November of the band’s Abbey Road LP topping both UK and US album charts. Beatles Walk London includes 16 key Fab Four locations from Abbey Road’s zebra crossing to the Savile Row rooftop.