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Upcoming Fairs 2017

date where
7 October
The Netherlands - Roosendaal - Tongerloplein
14 October in Belgium - Mons, 30th Beatles Day
29 October The Netherlands Leiden (new venue) Beat-Meet 
11-12 November  The Netherlands - Utrecht Jaarbeurs big Record Fair

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In October 1962 The Beatles played in the Hulme Hall in a place called Port Sunlight, near Liverpool. Ringo just joined a few weeks before and the boys gave their first official (broadcasted) radio interview that day.

In the West Derby area of Liverpool you can find Hayman's Green. At no.8 is the world famous Casbah Coffee Club, the club that witnessed the real birth of the Beatles.Lpl_Casbah_sign_Beatles
Mona Best, mother of Pete, ran the place and it was here where the Beatles got their first moment of fame. The club underwent a big renovation and is now open to the public. Beatles International visited the club and Roag Best (son of Mona and Neil Aspinall) was our guide that day. He showed us how small it the club actually is and that there are still memories of the Beatles. Like a ceiling, painted by John, and his initials, scratched on the wall. You can also see the original stages on which the bands performed, one of them being only 1-2 meters wide! When you're planning to visit Liverpool don't forget to book a tour there at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You can also contact Paul Sherlock. (see Liverpool 'tours' section).