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If you've been before, you'll know that during Beatleweek, Liverpool is a fan's dream!
This year we are not only celebrating 60 years of the Cavern, 
but 60 years of Lennon/McCartney and 50 years of Sgt. Pepper & Magical Mystery Tour.

This will be a Festival to remember. Don't wait, BOOK NOW!!!
2017 Beatleweek


The aim of this page is to answer any questions you may have regarding
the future of the International Beatleweek festival.
What is happening to International Beatleweek?
This will be the last International Beatleweek Festival as we know it. In future years it will be scaled down.
What changes will you be making to the festival?
You can rest assured there will still be lots of live music from bands around the world.
This will now mainly take place at the Cavern Club and the Cavern Pub.
Unfortunately we don’t know yet what other changes we will be making.
Will you still have a convention day and late night parties at the Adelphi Hotel?
Unfortunately this is yet to be decided. As soon as we have more information on this and a decision has been made
we will be sure to pass this on to you.
When can we expect more information?
Discussions are currently taking place with the council and various other organisations
about what we can do with the festival. Decisions regarding accommodation packages,
late-night parties, theatre shows, the convention and outdoor events have not been made yet.
As soon as we have a plan together for future years we will pass it along to you.

However, in the mean time, we still have an amazing festival put together for 2017 which we can all look forward to.

Celebrate 60 years of The Cavern
on Monday August 28th, with The Cavern's
60th Anniversary Concert, featuring music                           Author and reporter Larry Kane
from the past 6 decades!                                                      will make his Beatleweek debut!
2017 Beatleweek1 2017 Beatleweek2
2017 Beatleweek32017 Beatleweek4
Neil Innes will perform 2 shows at the World's               "What about the time we met..."...60 years on....
famous Cavern Club, Tuesday August 29th!                  a certain John Lennon was introduced to a young
                                                                                        Paul McCartney. They rest, as they say, is history.
This meeting took place at St Peter's Church Woolton Garden Fete and the whole event is being replicated
especially for YOU! "John & Paul: It Was Fete!" will give you the opportunity to interact with the Quarrymen.
Julia Baird and various luminaries who were actually here on that 'fete-ful' day.

The biggest Tribute Band in Beatledom, THE BOOTLEG BEATLES, will be making a very special appearance
at INTERNATIONAL BEATLEWEEK on Friday, August 25th!!!!!
2017 Beatleweek5

See you again next year!!!!????

The blockbuster show - which premiered with a special performance in Liverpool - has already wowed crowds across the UK.
(photoDominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

The Sessions - a live re-staging of the Beatles at Abbey Road Studios - was showcased at the ECHO arena at the end of last month in a one-off charity gig.

Since then, the 45-strong cast has performed to a sold-out Royal Albert Hall and in Belfast, Dublin and Brighton.

2016 Sessions 1 On March 30th Liverpool saw the pre-premiere of
 The ABBEY ROAD Sessions in the Echo Arena in Liverpool. 
 Brought to stage by the same man who brought
 Elvis Presley back 'alive' a couple of years ago,
 he now, with the help of the original Beatles' sound engineer
 Geoff Emerick, shows us how the Beatles worked
 in Studio 2 of the famous London recording studios.

 For more (BI witness) details about the show,
 read more in the 'BI' section of this News page.


Ringo Starr and George Martin giving an acceptance speech at the Grammy awards in Los AngelesHis family thanked "everyone for their thoughts, prayers and messages of support" after his death at home on Tuesday, his manager said.

 David Renshaw, 20th June 2015 


02 July 2015 By Alex Bilmes, Photographs by Tom Craig

An exclusive interview with our greatest living rock star

Paul McCartney Is Esquire's August Cover Star  

The Beach Boys frontman opens up about his new solo album No Pier Pressure and alleged ‘rivalry’ with The Beatles.

Dear Julian, if you ever read this, our thoughts are with you

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